Meditation through sound vibrations can be traced back to ancient cultures. Humans have always sought emotional and physical well-being through the sound of rain, rivers, oceans heartbeats drumbeats and even the purring of cats.

Ancient spiritual practitioners often used sound to create an audible focus to clear the mind for meditation.

In recent times, there has been a resurgence of these enduring customs of sound meditation, which has been shown to be one of the easiest ways for people in today’s stressful environment to relax into deep meditation.

There is actually a scientific basis, which is recognized by many experts in the field of neuroscience as well as the fields of psychology and medicine. Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, who is an oncologist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University and author of “The Healing Power of Sound” writes that he uses sound meditation as an integrative medicine. He cites studies that show sound can lower blood pressure, increase the body’s own natural opiates and reduce stress hormones.

The hallmark of sound-meditation therapy is its effortless, immediate, and powerful ability to reduce stress and bring about deep relaxation. Most people quickly fall into a deep, profound state of relaxation, waking up refreshed and relaxed.